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writer/director (2017)

An adaptation of Shakespeare’s magical fairy tale, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, set under a full moon, during Crop Over in Barbados. Comedy and chaos ensue when mischievous fairies tamper with the wedding plans of returning Nationals Theseus and Hippolyta, four young lovers, and a group of fishermen keen to perform their potentially prize-winning play.


Nominated for Best Drama - National Film Awards UK

Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay - National Film Awards UK

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor - National Film Awards UK

Best UK Feature – London Independent Film Festival

Best International Film – Charlotte Black Film Festival

Best Produced Screenplay – LA Independent Film Awards

Script shortlisted for Bahamas International Screenwriter’s Residency


writer/producer (2015)

Romie and Pack miss the deadline to pay the balance of the money for the garage due o the government taxes and other regulations. The owner, Gus, gives the property to a local church, which wants the space for its new fellowship hall. Romie goes to the Pastor to beg him to sell the property only to find out that the Pastor is the uncle of the heavily pregnant Latisha, and he is willing to sell him back the garage on the condition that he marries Latisha. Romie devises a plan to join the congregation and charm the Pastor into selling the property, but complications arise as Pack falls in love with a choir girl. Meanwhile an ambitious stranger tries to take over the pulpit, and the community's raging love for chicken wings sparks illegal poultry operations.


Best Supporting Actor - BMVA 2015


writer/co-director (2014)

Jon and Madj Smart offer to give Desiree, a young clerical officer, a ride in their van, but during an argument with her husband Madj crashes the van into a gully. With cell phones dead and torrential rain falling, the threesome decide to wait out the storm and find help in the morning. However the long night reveals a tangled web of lies and betrayal, where some relationships are more deadly than the raging storm.


Best Actress - Barbados Media and Visual Awards 2015

Best Supporting Actress - Barbados Media and Visual Awards 2015


writer/producer (2013)

A Barbadian comedy-drama/buddy film showcasing a raw slice of Barbadian community life. Romie, an aspiring mechanic and ladies man, with his brutally honest best friend Pack, invest their entire salaries in a down-payment on a garage. Their goal: to establish a successful mechanic's shop to get away from their boring jobs as security guards, their loving yet eccentric and demanding families, and poor standard of living in their village - Pickletons. Their simple task of making the down-payment to the garage owner at the village lime that night is hilariously complicated by Romie's love-life, and Pack's love for cannabis. The complications and laughs multiply as the best friends go to extremes to avoid violent drug men, a charity collector, crazy ex-girlfriends and other wacky villagers.


Best Film - BMVA 2014

Best Script - BMVA 2014

Best Actor - BMVA 2014

Best Supporting Actor - BMVA 2014