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writer/director (2017)

An adaptation of Shakespeare’s magical fairy tale, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, set under a full moon, during Crop Over in Barbados. Comedy and chaos ensue when mischievous fairies tamper with the wedding plans of returning Nationals Theseus and Hippolyta, four young lovers, and a group of fishermen keen to perform their potentially prize-winning play.


Nominated for Best Drama - National Film Awards UK

Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay - National Film Awards UK

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor - National Film Awards UK

Best UK Feature – London Independent Film Festival

Best International Film – Charlotte Black Film Festival

Best Produced Screenplay – LA Independent Film Awards

Script shortlisted for Bahamas International Screenwriter’s Residency


writer/co-director (2014)

Jon and Madj Smart offer to give Desiree, a young clerical officer, a ride in their van, but during an argument with her husband Madj crashes the van into a gully. With cell phones dead and torrential rain falling, the threesome decide to wait out the storm and find help in the morning. However the long night reveals a tangled web of lies and betrayal, where some relationships are more deadly than the raging storm.


Best Actress - Barbados Media and Visual Awards 2015

Best Supporting Actress - Barbados Media and Visual Awards 2015


writer/producer (2013)

A Barbadian comedy-drama/buddy film showcasing a raw slice of Barbadian community life. Romie, an aspiring mechanic and ladies man, with his brutally honest best friend Pack, invest their entire salaries in a down-payment on a garage. Their goal: to establish a successful mechanic's shop to get away from their boring jobs as security guards, their loving yet eccentric and demanding families, and poor standard of living in their village - Pickletons. Their simple task of making the down-payment to the garage owner at the village lime that night is hilariously complicated by Romie's love-life, and Pack's love for cannabis. The complications and laughs multiply as the best friends go to extremes to avoid violent drug men, a charity collector, crazy ex-girlfriends and other wacky villagers.


Best Film - BMVA 2014

Best Script - BMVA 2014

Best Actor - BMVA 2014

Best Supporting Actor - BMVA 2014

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