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In Time of Need - Audiobook Final Cover.
The Five-Day Death of Mr MayersSample
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Produced by Story Shyft
Read by Levi King, Janelle Gilkes & Ayesha Gibson-Gill


A collection of award-winning Barbadian stories that showcase the controversial and often hidden aspects of the supposed Caribbean paradise. The themes of love and relationships, domestic and emotional abuse, politics in the rum shop, sex tourism and human trafficking and more, are narrated in a satirical and humorous style, often through the voices of innocent and naïve characters.

  • Winner of the Governor General Award for Excellence in Literary Fiction


  • Featuring 8 stories first published by local, regional and international literary journals, such as Journal of Caribbean Literatures, Caribbean Writer, POUI and Arts Etc


  • Featuring NIFCA award winning stories, including those which won UNICEF Award for Short Fiction which best showcase the rights of a child, and Barbados Manufacturers' Award for Short Fiction which best represents Bajan Culture.

  • This project is made possible in part by the COVID Creatives Technical Assistance Fund of the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados.


"...a series of eye-openers that assures you, with both humour and pathos leavened into its recipe, to reconsider your initial premises — there are still stories being told daily that will tickle and titillate you."

"...the stories were terrific. They were various, fast paced, surprising and rich with detail, helping me stay in Barbados just a little bit longer—even if this wasn't the Barbados I glimpsed from my lounge-chair. Another side of a beautiful country, and the light is just as bright..."

"...captures the energy of something that for the Caribbean person is quite familiar, while giving the reader a fresh and unusual experience of it, and deeper insight."

Joanne Hilhouse,

Wadadli Pen

"An absolutely provocative collection of vignettes that captures the "underside" of Caribbean culture. "In Time of Need" simultaneously shocks, delights and worries the reader. The language is light, crisp, fresh, oft playful, belying the serious social issues threading through the stories."

Michelle Springer

Novel Niche,

A Place for Books

Kerry Clare,

Pickle Me This

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