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Me Against the Sea (Summer 2021, Scholastic)

Scholastic has acquired North American rights to Shakirah Bourne's Me Against the Sea. This middle grade novel features cricket-playing Jo, who discovers that her father's new girlfriend is a powerful and vengeful sea creature and has to convince everyone of the woman's true identity before she loses her dad forever.

Caribbean Edition Published by Blue Banyan Books (Jamaica)

No one is good enough for Josephine Cadogan's Dad. Not since her mom died. Good thing she's a master at creating booby traps to stop new girlfriends from coming into their lives.

No one survives her tricks, until Mariss comes along.

No matter what anyone else says, Josephine knows there is something ‘fishy’ about Mariss. She is just too perfect. But Mariss proves much more difficult to get rid of than the others. And maybe it’s all the stories about baccoos and douens, and other mythical creatures from Miss Mo, champion fish de-boner of Fairy Vale, or maybe it’s all the missing pets, but Josephine begins to suspect there is something downright spooky about Mariss. But will she be able to get to the bottom of the mystery?”

“A delightful story that is charmingly funny. With a folktale antagonist, the shenanigans that result as the main character fights to preserve her bonds of family and friendship are heartwarming.”

CODE Burt Judges 2018

*WARNING: Contains story spoilers

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